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Staff members at the Department of Research Administration

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Vibeke Alm Alm, Vibeke Senior Adviser +47-22856010
Picture of Malena Bakkevold Bakkevold, Malena Section Manager +47-22856279 +47-95750533
Picture of Ivar Bergland Bergland, Ivar Senior Adviser +47-22858485
Picture of Anna Kolberg Buverud Buverud, Anna Kolberg Senior Adviser +47-22858437 International cooperation, Research training, Mobility, Joint Programming, Academic Dugnad
Picture of Marit Egner Egner, Marit Senior Adviser +47-22858490 +47-96239029 International cooperation, Research administration, NORHED, scholars at risk, External funding, NORPART, Global South, South Africa
Picture of Kristin Flagstad Flagstad, Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856642
Picture of Margaret Louise Fotland Fotland, Margaret Louise Research Advisor 22856037 Research administration, Documentation, Analysis, CRISitn, Open Access, Research outputs, Research data, Open data, Norwegian Science Index (NVI), Project catalogue, Data sharing, DBH
Grundt, Ine Lawyer +47-22857002 Legal counselling, Contracts
Picture of Torbjørn Grønner Grønner, Torbjørn Senior Adviser +47-22857015 Research administration, External funding, EEA/Norway grants, International cooperation, Research cooperation, Educational cooperation
Picture of Ann Kristin Sørli Halvorsen Halvorsen, Ann Kristin Sørli Senior Adviser +47-22856023 EU, Research administration, International cooperation, External funding
Picture of Emil Hamre Hamre, Emil Senior Adviser +47-22855475
Picture of Torunn Hancke Hancke, Torunn Senior Adviser +47-22845534 +47-94818296 External funding, EU, H2020, EU-office, MSCA, ERC, PES
Picture of Mette Sollihagen Hauge Hauge, Mette Sollihagen Senior Adviser +47-22856002 +47-91590047
Picture of Eirik Ivarrud Ivarrud, Eirik Senior Adviser +47-22855626
Picture of Karen Crawshaw Johansen Johansen, Karen Crawshaw Senior Adviser +47-22858476 +47-97578028 INTPART, International cooperation, Research policy, Research administration
Picture of Trine Merete Kvernmo Kvernmo, Trine Merete Senior Adviser +47-22858458 International cooperation, Priority countries, Russia, Eurasia, Nordic countries, Arctic, Research Administration, Training and development
Mellem, Gøril Senior Adviser +47-22858478 International cooperation, Mobility, Contracts, Nordplus/Nordlys
Picture of Kathrine Olsgard Olsgard, Kathrine Senior Adviser +47-22844197
Picture of Kristel Mari Jæger Skorge Skorge, Kristel Mari Jæger Director of Department +47-22856038
Picture of Herman Strøm Strøm, Herman Senior Adviser +47-22856034 Research administration, Cristin, Open Access, Bibliometrics, SciVal
Picture of Mette Topnes Topnes, Mette Senior Adviser +47-22858175
Picture of Lars Øen Øen, Lars Senior Adviser +47-22844745
Picture of Thomas Østerhaug Østerhaug, Thomas Senior Adviser +47-22857909