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Staff members at the Department of Research Administration

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Vibeke Alm Alm, Vibeke Senior Adviser +47-22856010
Picture of Malena Bakkevold Bakkevold, Malena Section Manager +47-22856279 +47-95750533
Picture of Ivar Bergland Bergland, Ivar Senior Adviser +47-22858485
Picture of Anna Kolberg Buverud Buverud, Anna Kolberg Senior Adviser +47-22858437 International cooperation, Research training, Mobility, Joint Programming, Academic Dugnad
Picture of Marit Egner Egner, Marit Senior Adviser +47-22858490 +47-96239029 International cooperation, Research administration, NORHED, scholars at risk, External funding, NORPART, Global South, South Africa
Picture of Kristin Flagstad Flagstad, Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856642
Picture of Margaret Louise Fotland Fotland, Margaret Louise Senior Adviser +47-22856037 Open Science, Documentation, Analysis, CRISitn, Open Access, Research outputs, Research data, Bibliometrics, SciVal
Grundt, Ine Lawyer +47-22857002 Legal counselling, Contracts
Picture of Torbjørn Grønner Grønner, Torbjørn Senior Adviser +47-22857015 Research administration, External funding, EEA/Norway grants, International cooperation, Research cooperation, Educational cooperation
Picture of Ann Kristin Sørli Halvorsen Halvorsen, Ann Kristin Sørli Senior Adviser +47-22856023 EU, Research administration, International cooperation, External funding
Picture of Emil Hamre Hamre, Emil Senior Adviser +47-22855475
Picture of Torunn Hancke Hancke, Torunn Senior Adviser +47-22845534 +47-94818296 External funding, EU, H2020, EU-office, MSCA, ERC, PES
Picture of Mette Sollihagen Hauge Hauge, Mette Sollihagen Senior Adviser +47-22856002 +47-91590047
Picture of Eirik Ivarrud Ivarrud, Eirik Senior Adviser +47-22855626
Picture of Karen Crawshaw Johansen Johansen, Karen Crawshaw Senior Adviser +47-22858476 +47-97578028 INTPART, International cooperation, Research policy, Research administration
Picture of Trine Merete Kvernmo Kvernmo, Trine Merete Senior Adviser +47-22858458 International cooperation, Priority countries, Russia, Eurasia, Nordic countries, Arctic, Research Administration, Training and development
Mellem, Gøril Senior Adviser +47-22858478 International cooperation, Mobility, Contracts, Nordplus/Nordlys
Picture of Kathrine Olsgard Olsgard, Kathrine Senior Adviser +47-22844197
Picture of Kristel Mari Jæger Skorge Skorge, Kristel Mari Jæger Director of Department +47-22856038
Picture of Mette Topnes Topnes, Mette Senior Adviser +47-22858175
Picture of Lars Øen Øen, Lars Senior Adviser +47-22844745
Picture of Thomas Østerhaug Østerhaug, Thomas Senior Adviser +47-22857909