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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 9

Persons 201 - 225 of 915
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Aleksander Erichson Erichson, Aleksander Head Engineer
Picture of Rune Eriksen Eriksen, Rune Works Technician +47 90924189 Building maintenance
Picture of Tomm Eriksen Eriksen, Tomm Head of Group +47 22840177 +47 92861986
Picture of Morten Erlandsen Erlandsen, Morten Senior Engineer +47 22840097
Picture of Rune Ersdal Ersdal, Rune Senior Engineer +47 22845596 +47 45791238 45791238
Picture of Miguel Escobar Bustamante Escobar Bustamante, Miguel Administrative Manager +47 22859479 +47 90824081 Cleaning
Picture of Mehmet Eser Eser, Mehmet Senior Executive Officer +47 22851608 +47 97763186 Maintenance and Operations, Building maintenance
Picture of Camilla Oulie Eskildsen Eskildsen, Camilla Oulie University Chaplain +47-22857377
Picture of Camilla Eidsten Evensen Evensen, Camilla Eidsten Senior Adviser +47-22856070 +47-90203552 Training, Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Picture of Trine Evensen Evensen, Trine Occupational Health Nurse +47 22858890 +47 46743399 Sick leave, Occupational health service, Work environment
Picture of Are Evju Evju, Are Adviser +47 22840160 +47 93266572
Picture of Katrine Hjertner Faber Faber, Katrine Hjertner Senior Executive Officer +47 22856020 Finance, Accounts, Purchasing, Invoices
Picture of Roger Fagerås Fagerås, Roger Works Coordinator +47 41422210 Building maintenance
Picture of Trine Faye-Lund Faye-Lund, Trine Senior Architect +47 48040268 Project management
Picture of Joao  Ferreira Ferreira, Joao Works Technician - Operations Area Gaustad +47-97531602 Building maintenance
Picture of Lena Charlotte Finseth Finseth, Lena Charlotte Senior Adviser +47-22854229 Regulations, National Student Database, Student data
Picture of Lena Charlotte Finseth Finseth, Lena Charlotte Senior Adviser +47 22854229 National Student Database, Student data, Regulations
Picture of Hans Kristian Fjeld Fjeld, Hans Kristian Section Manager +47 22854343 +47 93264903 +4793264903 93264903
Picture of Monika Johnsen Fjeld Fjeld, Monika Johnsen Higher Executive Officer +47 22858087
Picture of Peik Paul Fjeldstad Fjeldstad, Peik Paul Senior Adviser +47 22841036 Counselling, Application management, SAPUiO, HR system, Salary payments
Picture of Kristin Flagstad Flagstad, Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22856642
Picture of Kristin Flagstad Flagstad, Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22856642
Picture of Marianne Sinead Flesland Flesland, Marianne Sinead Senior Adviser +47 22858588 +47 40220552 Financial management, Project management, Process support, Process management
Folmo, Kaja Dischler Adviser
Picture of Morten Werner Forsbring Forsbring, Morten Werner Section Manager +47 22852893 +47 90039290 virtualization, storage, datacenter, project leadership, Linux, network, high availability, loadbalancing, ipv6, dns, hostmaster