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Staff members at UiO: Management and Support Units (LOS) - Page 9

Persons 201 - 225 of 742
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Øystein Lundby Gjerde Gjerde, Øystein Lundby Works Technician +47 98234689 Estate services, Landscape
Picture of Nils Fredrik Gjerull Gjerull, Nils Fredrik Senior Engineer +47 22840071 +47 40451320
Picture of Svein Gunnar Glenndal Glenndal, Svein Gunnar Senior Engineer +47 22852797
Picture of Hege Glomsaker-Gjessing Glomsaker-Gjessing, Hege Administrative Manager +47 22856011
Picture of Edwin Froilan Gomez Lopez Gomez Lopez, Edwin Froilan Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Mercedes Gonzalez Gonzalez, Mercedes Cleaner Cleaning
Picture of Ernesto Antonio Gonzalez Benitez Gonzalez Benitez, Ernesto Antonio Chief Engineer +47 22840912 +47 47820981 ConfigMgr, System Center Configuration Manager
Picture of Daniel Gracia Gracia, Daniel Senior Adviser
Picture of Ellen Svendby Gravklev Gravklev, Ellen Svendby Senior Adviser +47 22854476 +47 95100467 Project Management, Process management, Process support
Picture of Rune United Greaker Greaker, Rune United Administrative Manager +47 99168479 Building maintenance, Management
Picture of Mette Gregusson Gregusson, Mette Adviser +47 22858179 +47 48212865 Parental leave, Counselling
Grigaliunas, Mantas Works Coordinator +47 90745631 Building maintenance
Picture of Ellen Grimsgaard Grimsgaard, Ellen
Picture of Linn Grimstad-Nielsen Grimstad-Nielsen, Linn Senior Adviser +47 47257640 Psycho-social work environment, Competence development, Process and project management, Organisational development, HR development, Management support
Picture of Michael Schøyen Grude Grude, Michael Schøyen Head Engineer +47 22844148 National Student Database, TP, Timetabling, Ephorus
Grundt, Ine Lawyer +47 22857002 Legal counselling, Contracts
Picture of Espen Grøndahl Grøndahl, Espen Chief Engineer +47 22850491 +47 93497158
Picture of Are Dag Gulbrandsen Gulbrandsen, Are Dag Senior Engineer +47 22852881 +47 97122198
Picture of Marianne Vedeler Gulliksen Gulliksen, Marianne Vedeler Senior Architect +47 94867416 Property development
Picture of Tissa Upul Agampodi Mendis Gunasekara Gunasekara, Tissa Upul Agampodi Mendis Cleaner Cleaning
Gylvik, Malin Aurbakken Senior Adviser +4741641449 Marketing, Social Media, Communication
Picture of Eirik Haatveit Haatveit, Eirik Head Engineer +47 91647841 TSD
Picture of Karoline Hagane Hagane, Karoline Senior Adviser +47 22854019 +47 41314469
Picture of Øyvind Hagberg Hagberg, Øyvind Chief Engineer +47 22852549 +47 98256063 98256063
Picture of Caroline Hals Hals, Caroline Adviser +47 22858064 Payroll