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Staff members at the Communications Office

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Lars Ankervold Ankervold, Lars Senior Adviser +47 92 66 75 73
Picture of Cecilie Aune Aune, Cecilie On leave Web editor
Byrknes, Maylinn Hovengen Executive Officer Communication, Social Media, Marketing
Picture of Sunniva Monclair Bøe Bøe, Sunniva Monclair Executive Officer 46885172 Communication, Social Media, Marketing
Gylvik, Malin Aurbakken Senior Adviser +4741641449 Marketing, Social Media, Communication
Picture of Karoline Hagane Hagane, Karoline Senior Adviser +47 22854019 +47 41314469
Picture of Julie Jacobsen Jacobsen, Julie Senior Adviser +47 45912513 Process and project management, Web editor, Web publishing, Communications, Google analytics
Picture of Anders Lien Lien, Anders Graphic Designer +47-22858082 +47-93251380 Graphic profile, Graphic design, Photo
Picture of Anette Clason Lund Lund, Anette Clason Senior Adviser +47 22854593 Web publishing, Web editor, Communications
Picture of Terje Lynnebakken Lynnebakken, Terje Senior Adviser +47 22858607 +47 99004757 Web editor Circle U.
Picture of Siri Lehne Nilsen Nilsen, Siri Lehne Senior Adviser +47 99412537 Web Publishing
Picture of Kjersti Gjærum Stensrud Stensrud, Kjersti Gjærum Senior Adviser +47 47751579 Web publishing
Picture of Liv Dalen Tennøe Tennøe, Liv Dalen Section Manager +47 48247191 Strategy, Communications, Management
Picture of Hanne Baadsgaard Utigard Utigard, Hanne Baadsgaard Senior Engineer +47 22857888 +47 92696888 Graphic profile, Graphic design
Picture of Marte Veierød Veierød, Marte Senior Adviser – on leave +47-92801540
Vestre, Emil Johann Executive Officer Communication, Social Media, Marketing