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Staff members at the Communications Office

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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Cecilie Aune Aune, Cecilie Senior Adviser +47 22844751 Web editor
Picture of Diana Badi Badi, Diana Senior Adviser Strategy, Web publishing, Web editor, Training, Communication
Picture of Anders Lien Lien, Anders Graphic Designer +47-22858082 +47-93251380 Graphic profile, Graphic design, Photo
Picture of Anette Clason Lund Lund, Anette Clason Adviser +47 22854593 Internal communication, Web publishing
Picture of Terje Lynnebakken Lynnebakken, Terje Senior Adviser +47 22858607 Web publishing, Communication, Web editor
Picture of Vebjørn Løvås Løvås, Vebjørn Executive Officer Social media, Marketing
Picture of Dina Norborg Norborg, Dina Senior Adviser +47 22857714 +47 90607331 Communication, Web publishing, Web editor
Picture of Suzanne-Ann Stämpfli Stämpfli, Suzanne-Ann Senior Adviser +47 22858635 Web editor, Web publishing, Communication
Picture of Linn Kristin Stølan Stølan, Linn Kristin Senior Adviser +47 22854435 Web publishing, Research administration, Project management, Web editor, Communication
Picture of Hege Svanes Svanes, Hege Senior Adviser +47 22854110 41216654 Web publishing, Communication
Picture of Liv Dalen Tennøe Tennøe, Liv Dalen Section Manager +47 48247191 Strategy, Communications, Management
Picture of Hanne Baadsgaard Utigard Utigard, Hanne Baadsgaard Senior Engineer +47 22857888 +47 92696888 Graphic profile, Graphic design
Picture of Malin Littauer Yndesdal Yndesdal, Malin Littauer Adviser +47 22845766 +47 476 33 961 Recruitment of students, Communcation
Picture of Amund Aasbrenn Aasbrenn, Amund Executive Officer Social media, Marketing