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Before applying

To be eligible for admission to a PhD programme, certain educational and financial requirements must be met. In addition, the faculty must have available supervision capacity in the relevant subject area.

  • The highest level of education in Norway.
  • Master’s degree is required (read more about the degree structure at the University of Oslo).
  • Sufficient funding for the entire period of study  is required
  • Stipulated length of three years’ full-time studies
  • Independent research work (the doctoral thesis) with a stipulated length of 2.5 years.
  • Educational component worth 30 credits.

Admission criteria


To be eligible for admission to a PhD programme at the University of Oslo, you must have a relevant five-year Master's degree with a good grade, or equivalent qualifications approved by the faculty. The faculties may impose additional qualification requirements.


You must have sufficient funding for the entire period of study (i.e. three years of full-time study) to gain admission. The most common type of funding is employment as a doctoral research fellow. PhD candidates do not have student status in Norway. You are therefore not entitled to support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund or to regular student accommodation.

Doctoral research fellowships

A doctoral research fellowship includes temporary employment at one of the units at the University. Doctoral research fellowships are normally granted for three years without compulsory work or four years with compulsory work (usually teaching). The doctoral research fellowships are related to a subject, subject area, a project or unit and are announced by the relevant faculty, department, museum or centre.

You apply for advertised positions as a doctoral (or PhD) research fellow (or Candidate). The University of Oslo advertises new positions on an ongoing basis. See overview of vacant positions.

External funding

It is also possible to gain admission with other funding. Faculties may set requirements for affiliation to an academic community, institution or similar, and for coverage of necessary working capital. If you have external funding, you must be able to document full funding for the entire period of study.

The funding must cover living expenses and necessary working capital. PhD candidates do not have student status in Norway, and there is no tuition fee. You are not entitled to support from the Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund or to regular student accommodation.

The funding must enable you to spend enough time on the PhD project to complete within the time stipulated in the contract. A proposed schedule of less than 50 per cent of normal progress plan will not be accepted. Some faculties have stricter progress requirements.

PhD programmes and how to apply

At the University of Oslo there are eight faculties, each with its own PhD programme. Each programme has its own rules and guidelines, such as in relation to thesis requirements and composition of the educational component. You must familiarize yourself with the relevant programme’s guidelines before applying. Applications must be submitted to the faculty to which you want to gain admission.

You can find more information about the faculties in the programme descriptions:

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