The Ceremony

The ceremony in the Aula starts with a procession in which the university management and the deans take part.

All of the candidates are given a reserved space in the front rows of the hall and placed according to their faculty affiliation.

Guests may choose freely among the non-reserved seats.

After the procession, the Rector holds a speech, before the deans of the respective faculties summon their candidates and present them briefly. The Rector then presents them with their doctoral diploma.

Performances and speeches

A musical performance will be held during the ceremony. Finally, one of the newly conferred doctors will hold a speech addressed to the University on behalf of all the new doctors. The faculties take turns in choosing a speaker.


The ceremony starts at 5 pm and lasts around one and a half hours. Anyone may attend. The dress code is formal. Men should wear a dark-coloured suit and women should wear a dress, skirt and blouse, or trouser suit. The Norwegian national costume (the bunad) is also appropriate.

Reception after the ceremony

After the ceremony in the Aula, a reception is held in the Domus Bibliotheca. This is an informal reception where tapas and wine are served. It lasts around an hour and you may invite up to six guests.

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