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Research excellence

EU funding

UiO has participated in the EU framework programmes for research and development since 1991, and is the Norwegian university with the largest EU portfolio.

ERC grants

Researchers at UiO have received a total of 72 grants from the European Research Council (ERC), 47 of them in Horizon 2020.

European Research Council grants support individual researchers of any nationality and age who wish to pursue their frontier Research.

EU funded projects

World-leading research communities

The national budget for 2015 allocated NOK 31.2 million to the University of Oslo to develop more world-leading research communities. Five of these have now been selected.

Centres of Excellence

There are ten Centres of Excellence (SFF) at the University of Oslo (UiO). Our research groups have been given the SFF-title for a period of nine years.

Centres for Research-based Innovation

The University of Oslo hosts one Centre for Research Based Innovation (SFI).

Nordic Centre of Excellence, NCoE

Logo NordforskUiO hosts one Nordic Centre of Excellence, Quality in Nordic Teaching (QUINT)