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What are VDIs, and what are they used for at UiO?

What are VDIs?

With Virtual Desktop Interface (VDI) you can connect to a virtual computer, which is customised for your use, from anywhere and from most computers, and get access to the programs and data you need.

Which programs that are mounted and can run on the VDI machine is decided together by yourself, your local IT and program managers at the departments.

VDI is primarily suitable for special applications or applications that require a lot of processing power and have large amounts of data. USIT does not install software, but facilitate the virtual machines. It is local IT that installs the software and is the point of contact for users who wish to use VDI.

What are they used for at UiO ?

  • Research
    • Special purpose machines, machines that need graphics processors, a lot of memory, special software, a lot of CPU, fast disks etc.
  • Education
    • Classroom: the students can get a completely homogeneous terminal room with access via their own device (laptop).
    • Virtual computer labs: the students can get a completely homogenous computer lab with access via their own device (laptop).
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