Mentimeter and SRS (student response systems) at the UiO

At the UiO, we use three tools in particular as a student response system:

  • Mentimeter – UiO has purchased licenses for Mentimeter, a user-friendly and versatile tool for, among other things, interactive polls and quizzes.
    • If you want to use Mentimeter in teaching, or if you have technical problems or other questions about the tool, contact
    • To learn more about using Mentimeter, go to the Mentimeter website.
  • Nettskjema – is a well-known, UiO-developed tool that also has multiple-choice questions that are suitable for use as SRS. Online forms are free to use for all UiO's employees and students..
  • Canvas – UiO's learning platform Canvas also has good tools for interactivity and quizzes that engage and involve students.

For questions about the pedagogical use of SRS, contact LINK - The University centre for Teaching and Learning.

Published Jan. 17, 2022 1:11 PM - Last modified Jan. 17, 2022 1:15 PM