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Talkwall is specifically designed to engage students in collective interaction. It aims to encourage genuine ‘thinking together’, as students are easily able to share, and build upon, each other’s ideas. 

What is Talkwall?

  • Using Talkwall, a teacher formulates a question or a challenge, before students, usually following collaborative discussion in groups, post messages (via a computer or tablet, for example) to a shared ‘wall’ (typically on a large screen or a shared screen in Zoom).

  • These messages can be interactively arranged in different ways. The use of hashtags and a short message format (a maximum of 140 characters) help to promote the identification of key concepts and the condensing of information.

  • Student ideas are immediately visible to all members of the class, which enables students to engage with, and build upon, ideas from others beyond their own group, whilst also allowing teachers to give immediate feedback on students’ responses.

  • Talkwall may be used in tandem with Zoom (short video in Norwegian).

  • The work behind Talkwall got the research communcation prize at the Faculty of Educational Sciences at UiO for 2020 (in Norwegian).

Get started

Open Talkwall

  • Teachers log in with Feide.
  • Students join Talkwall with a PIN code.

What may be stored in Talkwall?

Help and instructions

Developing collaboration communication critical thinking using micro blogging tool (short article in the journal of the UK Chartered College of Teaching).

Using Talkwall when the participants are at different locations! (short instruction sheet, PDF).

Classroom dialogue using digital technology (resource at Talkwall).

How to use Talkwall (resource at Talkwall).

Points of contact

Do you need help or have any questions regarding Talkwall?

Contact the researchers behind Talkwall.