Create local filters in Mail

Automatically sorting your e-mails to different folders may help you organize your e-mails. You can do this by creating filters to sort your messages. There are two ways to sort the messages: filtering on the server or  local filtering (filters created in your email program)

In this guide you learn how to create local filters in Mail.

Filters are rules that are applied to all incoming e-mail. A rule might be that an e-mail from a particular colleague will be moved to a specific folder. However, a rule may also be that when you receive an e-mail from your manager, then the machine should play a sound and show the incoming e-mail in a different color.

Filtering on the server

This is the recommended method for sorting e-mail.  Filters for sorting on the server are created in the webmail-service Outlook Web App (OWA)

The messages are filtered at the mail server before they are available in Apple Mail on your computer. This is more convenient because sorting is independent of the program you use to read / send email. The messages are sorted in the same way when reading e-mail from your computer at work or on the campus, in webmail, on mobile / iPad or from your home computer.

If you want to sort the messages into local folders in Mail (Local Folders) outside the e-mail server, this must be done in Mail.

Local sorting in Mail

Local sorting in Mail will only be executed when Mail starts up and / or is running. You should not set up auto reply in Mail, but rather use the central service. An alternative to local filters may be Smart Mailboxes.

Sorting e-mail is done by using Filters. Go to Mail → Preferences... → Rules (Regler):

Mail - Innstillinger for filtre

Highlight e-mail from a person

Start by clicking the Add Rule button.

In window that appears, you start by giving the rule a name in the Description field.

Sette opp regel om å vise bestemte e-post med farge

Rules are formulated in the form If ..., then .... The first choice in a rule structure is important. This is where you specify whether all or any of the conditions must be met for the rule to apply (If all / any of the following conditions are met :). You may add more conditions or actions with the plus button and remove them if necessary with the minus button.

In the example we have set the the e-mail coming from IT-direktøren (From contains ...) should (Perform the Following actions :) be displayed with a green background in your inbox (Set Color of background Green). Exit the rule setup mode by pressing OK

You are then asked if you want to execute the rule you just created for all your previous received e-mail messages. Apply here means yes, while Do not Apply means that the rule applies only to future emails.

Mail - Kjør regel på eksisterende e-post

Move e-mail from a group of persons to a separate folder

This example is designed to show the interaction between Mail and Contacts.

Start by selecting Mailbox → New Mailbox or by clicking the Plus-sign (+) in lower left corner of the main window in Mail and select New Mailbox from the meny that pops ut.

In the New Mailbox window, select On My Mac in the Location menu and enter a name such as HF-IT. Then click OK.

Opprett ny Mailbox

Go to Mail → Preferences... → Rules. Click  Add Rule.

Filter basert på gruppe i Contacts

Select the rule to apply to the relationship Sender is member of group and then select the group from Contacts, here HF-IT. If the rule applies, the following actions occur: Move Message to mailbox HF-IT.

Published Feb. 27, 2014 11:18 AM - Last modified Feb. 7, 2020 5:14 PM