Slow Internet access? Our best home network tips

The quality of your home network is crucial to the use of video conferencing and cooperation tools. See how you can test and ensure the quality of your home network here. 

How to check the quality of your home network

The functionality of your home network is dependent on these main factors:

  • The amount of traffic: If there is a lot of traffic in regards to the speed or bandwidth of the connection, it will lead to delays and low quality. 
  • WIFI capacity: WIFI is a shared medium. Everyone using WIFI in your immediate surroundings are using the same, limited wireless capacity. Many units sharing the same frequencies will impair the quality.  

How to ensure good quality

  • Check actual capacity and latency at
  • Use a network cable instead of wireless if possible. This is especially important during video conferences. 
  • When using wireless, use 5ghz not 2,4ghz.
  • Avoid bluetooth headsets and other bluetooth units, especially when using 2,4Ghz wireless.
  • If your WIFI router is older than 5 years, consider getting a new one. Older routers are often subject to "buffer bloat".
  • Ask your broadband provider (Telenor, Telia, Altibox or other) for upgraded speed. You can often get higher speeds for the same price.
  • Avoid big downloads when a meeting is scheduled. Gaming is not a problem, but big updates might be. Movie streaming is generally not a problem, because of good compression. Netflix with 4K is not recommended if you do not have a high speed internet connection though.  


Published Feb. 26, 2021 10:59 AM - Last modified Mar. 4, 2021 4:37 PM