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Remote Desktop at the UiO

Remote Desktop is a tool that you use to remotely log on to computers, so you can access to a computer other than the one you are sitting at. This is useful if you are outside the University and for example need to use programs you have installed on your office computer, need to access to your home (M:) or other disks connected to your office computer. Via Remote Desktop you can also access resources such as dictionaries, magazines and other which is available only to computers at the UiO.

Getting started

  • Remote desktop may be used by staff and members of faculty who have an office computer.
  • To connect to your office computer with Remote Desktop, the computer must be configured for it. Contact your local IT staff for help to prepare the machine for Remote Desktop Connection.

Help and guides

To make the UiO network safer, all RDP connections must go through a gateway. Instructions for Remote Desktop through gateway:

Who do I contact?

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