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NREC – Infrastructure as a Service

NREC is a cloud service for research and education, provided by UiO and UiB. NREC is an IaaS, which stands for Infrastructure as a Service, and is a service where UiO users can provision virtual machines (servers) with network and storage. Resources, limited by a quota, are tied to "projects".

All users will get a demo project as default, for testing purposes. In order to use the service for more than simple testing it is recommended to apply for a proper project. Projects may be private (single user) or shared between several users.

NREC is built on OpenStack, which is a large framework for building flexible, elastic and modern cloud services. Within the frame of this service the user is given freedom to choose the operating system and application stack. The user is responsible for the maintenance of the operating system and application stack.

How to use

Can be used by students, staff and members of faculty.

What can I store in NREC?

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