Operational services

Web services

USIT can help with applications running on a central web platform or on our own virtual servers.

Database services

If you need your own database, USIT can help you with databases that are run on a central hotel or on our own virtual servers.

Who do I contact?

Computer services

USIT can supply you with central virtual servers or help you with your own physical computer.

Storage solutions

USIT can help with a number of different types of physical storage systems as well as a central storage option for research and other types of data.

What can USIT offer?

  • Are you in the process of buying a computer?
  • Do you need to place your computer/server in central operations, or just a virtual computer?
  • Do you need help with operations?
  • Do you need help with centrally managed applications that will be used by many people?

USIT can help on multiple levels. The people at USIT have many years of experience in operations (computers, web applications, databases and many other areas.).


Machine and service surveillance

We use ELK (Elastiserach Logstask and Kibana) for surveilling machines and services.

Configuration management database

STM-browser is an internal operating tool, a service registry of basic services and dependencies, or a CMDB (Configuration management database)