Backup is kept for 90 days

UiO has transitioned to a new backup system. This means that the regulations have also changed. The biggest change is that backup files are now stored for 90 days, which is shorter period of time than earlier.

New policy

At UiO there are backups of everything in your M: drive and on shared volumes. Previously, UiO stored the backups for an extended period of time, but this kind of long term storage is expensive. Now, the length of time has been changed to 90 days. The storage period of 90 days applies to all backups. 

What does this mean for me?

Simply put, this means that files you have deleted, will be kept on backup for 90 days. If you have deleted the files by mistake, or find that you still need them, they can be retrieved from backup if you book retrieval within 90 days after you deleted them. If there is more than 90 days since you deleted the files, you can not get it back.

Deleted users

USIT has previously stored the M: drive for deleted users. This will no longer be the case. Deleted users are users who are no longer affiliated with UiO, for example students or employees who have quit. When a user is deleted, the files on their M: drive will also be deleted. The files are stored in the backup service for the regular 90 days after deletion. UiO is only allowed to process (store) personal information as long as the purpose of the processing still exists. When a student or employee quits, there is according to law, no longer a purpose, which means that it has to be deleted.

Other needs

There is a difference between backing up and storing files. If you have data you want to keep, it must be stored in the appropriate place. Do not use the backup service to file information you need at a later date. If you have any other needs than previously mentioned, you may send an application for extended backup to

Published Mar. 30, 2016 1:44 PM - Last modified Oct. 10, 2019 3:41 PM