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New password application lets you change your password, helps you out if you have forgotten your username or password and lets you register new users. Go to our new service,, for all your password needs.

New application

Every user at UiO has to change their password once a year for security reasons. Previously, it had to be done by logging in to the application Brukerinfo. With our new service,, you are able to change your password, get help if you have forgotten your username or password, and even register as a new user. makes it easier and safer.

Everything in one place

By separating password information from Brukerinfo, you are able to get all the information about passwords in one place, without having to search through all the other Brukerinfo topics.

The front page is where you log in to change your password. Choose the links under the login if you have forgotten your password or username, or you need to register a new user.


Easier to change

With the new password application it is now easier to choose a password that fulfills all the strict security requirements. The password rules are simpler and the security indicator will let you know when your password is secure enough.

Remember that you can also choose password phrases, longer sentences with both words and spaces, to make your password easier to remember. If you choose to do this, you often have to choose longer passwords than the traditional ones to get the security indicator to approve your new password.

From May 15th

The password tab in Brukerinfo is still there, but will be removed May 15th. All links to the Brukerinfo tab will be redirected to

– We are very much looking forward to the launch of this service, says Hans Kristian Fjeld, section mananger in the department for system integration and identity management at USIT.

– is a good, secure and easy-to-use application, which benefits both the users and user support. The service is a result of a broad cooperation with expertise in user experience, IT security and development. We hope our users will be as happy with the application as we are.

Published May 12, 2017 2:09 PM - Last modified May 12, 2017 2:52 PM