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Mattermost – chat and collaboration

What is Mattermost?

  • Mattermost is a fully featured chat service which can be used on most platforms.
  • The service runs locally at the UiO and can be used if you do not want to use cloud based services.
  • The interaction takes place in public channels, private channels and in instant messaging.
  • Everything is archived and searchable, and is available from desktop, laptop and smartphone.
  • Mattermost is available in a web browser, but can also be downloaded from Mattermost's website. The application is available on Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS and Android.
  • In the fall of 2019 Mattermost was opened for use also in teaching. Users who are not IT staff can order channel creation and self-register user groups.
  • Since spring 2020 Mattermost is open for all staff, but there is a license cost associated with each user.

Mattermost for IT staff

IT staff at UiO have their own team in Mattermost. Access to this is linked to the role of local IT staff. Contact USIT if you as IT staff have not been granted access.

Ordering teams and channels


Staff can order channels, open or restricted, though an ordering form. Students get access to the channels they are added to. If you need a channel which also UiO external users can access, please order by sending an e-mail to


Use the same link as for ordering new channels. Please note that since there is a license cost associated with each user granted access, you will need to coordinate with a person responsible for processing internal invoices. You will also need either an automatically or manually populated group that can be used to control access to the new team.

Automatic deletion of content

  • For teams related to teaching, all postings older than 6 months are deleted
  • For teams related to projects, postings are deleted when the project is completed
  • For teams related to organizational units etc., we start by setting up deletion of postings older than 24 months

Getting started

Log on to Mattermost 

What can I send and store?

IT staff:

IT staff can send up to red data in closed channels.

Help and guides

More information about Mattermost is available in Norwegian. Please see the Mattermost in Norwegian. If reading Norwegian is an issue, please do not hesitate use the point of contact below.

Who do I contact?

Do you have questions you don't find answers to here? 

Send an e-mail to