Counseling and advise for use of HPC in research and science

Little or much, demanding or lighter?

At the UiO, researchers have access to both large supercomputers and powerful workplace computers. What works best for you and your project? With HPC access portals demanding computations and great computing power get more accessible to researchers are not familiar with workflow programming themselves, and computers you can have in your own office are getting faster and more powerful. New technology opens new types of research and research areas, and scientists from many disciplines acquire new skills.

Need to change platform?

If you have started on a local machine, but discover that you need more computational power, you can move your project to a supercomputing cluster. The Department for Research Computing at USIT will help you to achieve a streamlined and seamless transition from workplace computing (smaller data sets and development) to full-scale calculations on supercomputers. This also applies parallelization of applications. It's usually best to start the development of an application or program in parallel from the beginning. We can assist with program development in parallel from the design phase of the program or application.

Anything else, or more?

At the USIT Department for Research Computing we have long experience and expertise in scientific calculations and can provide advice to both individual researchers and projects, both processes, procurement of equipment and use of supercomputers. The Department for Research Computing can also advise when you are writing project applications and proposals, and need information about technology, procurement and existing resources.

Who helps?

The USIT Department for Research Computing gives advice and help. Contact us at

Published Mar. 1, 2017 11:32 AM - Last modified Mar. 1, 2017 11:32 AM