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Calculations, simulations and computation - high performance computing (HPC) at UiO

HPC computation clusters

HPC computation clusters are used for demanding computational tasks (High Performance Computing) that are not usually workable on standard workplace equipment. Access to such computation clusters is available through Sigma 2. In addition, the TSD (Services for Sensitive Data) has its own computation cluster, Colossus.

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Counseling and advice

Do you need a sparring partner to find out your needs for HPC in your research? Help in choosing technology, writing applications, get started or other?

Free for all computation

We have currently have two entry level compute resources open for all UiO users: freebio and bioint01.



Nov. 30, 2020 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Training material

The Department for Reserach Computing regularily provide training and courses for HPC users at the UiO. All compendiums and other resources are available.