RHEL 6 End of Life

All RHEL6 ThinLinc (pxx-tl01-l) machines have now been shut down, as mentioned in the email sent in february. With a few exceptions.

A new RHEL8 Machine has also been made available to every project which can be accessed at https://view.tsd.usit.no
Read: https://www.uio.no/english/services/it/research/sensitive-data/use-tsd/login/index.html#toc8

If you for any reason need to access your RHEL6 Machine for a limited time, please contact us:https://www.uio.no/english/services/it/research/sensitive-data/contact/index.html

Published Apr. 27, 2021 2:06 PM - Last modified Apr. 27, 2021 2:08 PM