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Who can apply for a UiO Dropbox?

UiO Dropbox is for researchers and UiO staff with specific need for Dropbox

UiO Dropbox is a service, which the departments pay for themselves. At the UiO, the service will primarily be offered researchers with a specific need for available storage and sharing of data. Other staff, who interact and communicate outside of UiO in their work, may also receive approved allocation of a UiO Dropbox account.

UiO employees may not use a regular Dropbox for work data as it violates the IT regulations and, in many cases, Norwegian privacy legislation. If you need Dropbox in a job context, please contact your closest manager or person with budget deployment authority and ask to get allocation of a UiO Dropbox approved.

The UiO agreement with Dropbox offers 1 TB of storage. Storage of actual data will be in the EU, except for metadata, which will be stored in the United States. Version history of your files will be saved for 120 days. 

How do I proceed to get a UiO Dropbox account?

It is up to each department to determine who gets a UiO Dropbox account. If you wish to use UiO Dropbox, you must first clarify with your nearest manager or person with budget deployment authority (BDM) that you need a UiO Dropbox and that your department will pay for it. Once you have received approval from a manager or BDM, you can submit a registration form to get a UiO Dropbox account.

Follow the steps here to get started with your UiO Dropbox account.

I already use Dropbox – how do I proceed?

I use Dropbox Plus

If you have a Dropbox Plus account you use in connection with your work, it can be converted to a UiO Dropbox. If you wish, make a selection for this in the registration form, and submit a receipt or confirmation for payment of the Plus account.

I already have a Dropbox registered to my UiO e-mail address

Do you already have a Dropbox associated with your UiO email address, but want a UiO Dropbox instead? Then you need to change that account to use your personal e-mail address. Then, contact your nearest manager or budget depositor (BDM) and clarify if you can get a UiO Dropbox paid by your department. If you get an approval, submit the registration form and get an invitation to create the account. Once you have created your UiO Dropbox account, you can optionally transfer files from your old account. It's easy to have two dropboxes side by side. They get different names, Dropbox (UiO) and Dropbox (Personal).

I use Dropbox mostly for personal stuff

The UiO does not want users to register Dropbox accounts for personal use with their UiO e-mail address. If you have a Dropbox you use for personal stuff, it must be registered with a personal e-mail address. You can access your account and change your e-mail address if you already have the Dropbox you use for personal stuff registered to your UiO e-mail.

Published Sep. 17, 2019 3:33 PM - Last modified July 26, 2021 2:12 PM