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Getting started with your UiO Dropbox

1. Get approval

Consider if you need a UiO Dropbox. Read What is UiO Dropbox and Who can apply for a UiO Dropbox. If you reach the conclusion that you need Dropbox for your work, contact your nearest manager or person with budget deployment authority and state your need and desire for the UiO Dropbox. If he or she approves, ask for the "koststed", project and subproject numbers which you will need as billing information. Invoice is sent once per year from USIT, the central IT department.

2. Submit the UiO Dropbox Registration Form

Once you have been approved by a manager, or other person with budget deployment authority, and have information for invoicing ready, fill out and submit the UiO Dropbox Registration Form. 

Important: If you already have a private Dropbox account and want to convert this to the UiO Dropbox, you have to change the email of your existing account (you do this in Settings > General) to match the email the UiO use for UiO Dropbox, which is on the form <>

3. What happens now?

When you are registered as a UiO Dropbox user and your account has been created, you will receive an email entitled "<Administrator Name at UiO> invited you to Dropbox Business". Click the Join your team button at the bottom of the email.

What to do next depends on whether you already have a Dropbox account associated with your UiO email address, or not.

You already have a Dropbox account registered on your UiO email address

After you click Join your team in the invitation, you will be taken to a login page.

Your UiO email address will be auto completed. Enter the password associated with the Dropbox account you already have, and log in.

Once logged in, you get a screenshot asking you what you want to do with the files in your existing Dropbox.

Select one of the two options:

  1. Move all your files to the UiO Dropbox.

This choice is useful if the content you already have inside Dropbox is related to your job at UiO.

Here is how you do it:

  1. Select Go over to UiO, and then click Join the UiO account. You will receive a message saying "You are now in the account".
  2. Click Show Me My stuff. You are now notified that you need to log in again, and you are forwarded to Feide. Log in with your UiO username and UiO password. From now on you'll be using your UiO password to access Dropbox, not the password from earlier. If you are not redirected to "Log in with Feide", contact the administrator of the UiO Dropbox at .


2. Change your original account into a private account and create an empty UiO Dropbox for job-related files.

This is useful if the content you already have on Dropbox is essentially private and you want to start with an empty UiO Dropbox. Read more about this on the help center of Dropbox. Any job files can be moved to the UiO Dropbox afterwards

  1. Select Keep Separated from UiO, and then click Join UiO Account.
  2. Enter your private email address and the password you want to use for your new Private Dropbox account. Click Continue. Your Private Account will now be created. Then click Next.
  3. You will now get a confirmation step in Dropbox where you must verify that your private email address is yours. Go to your private email inbox where you should have received an Email from Dropbox with the subject "<Your Name>" Confirm Your Email Address ".
  4. In the email message, click the link "Confirm email address" and you will be redirected to Dropbox.
  5. Then click Receive invitation. You must now log in to the UiO Dropbox. Click Yes, continue, and sign in with your UiO email address and you will be redirected to Feide login (if login does not happen automatically). 
  6. You will now arrive on a screen where you can download Dropbox for Business or continue on the web version. To download Dropbox please read below. On the web version, you switch between your private Dropbox and UiO Dropbox at the bottom right.

You do not have a Dropbox account registered at your UiO address

After clicking Join your team in the invitation, you will be directed to a Dropbox login page that says Welcome to UiO's Dropbox Business.

  1. Your UiO email address is already filled out, but you must enter your first and last name. Then click Create account.
  2. You will be directed to the "Log in with Feide" page. Here you must first select your institution. Choose the University of Oslo (UiO). Then click Continue.
  3. Enter your UiO username and password. Click Login.
  4. You will be prompted to accept that your contact information (name and UiO email address) is sent to the service. This is required for the login to work. Confirm and click Yes, Continue
  5. A Dropbox screen says "Success". This means that your UiO-Dropbox account has been created. You can now choose to download the Desktop version of Dropbox. See the instructions for this below[MISSING] or go directly to the web version. 

What can I store in my UiO Dropbox?

Only open (green) and limited (yellow) data kan be stored inside Dropbox. If you want more information about green and yellow data, have a look at the classification guide and the storage guide at the University.

Dropbox tips

UiO Dropbox is meant for job-related files and data. If you have a personal Dropbox you want easy access to, you are free to connect the two accounts. They will still be separated, since you shouldn't mix personal and job-related files, but you will have easy access to both boxes from the same page. You can choose to use Dropbox through your browser or download the application to your machine.

Download and installation of Dropbox

Dropbox has its own desktop application available for download. This gives you a Dropbox folder on your machine where you can store files you want to be available through your Dropbox account. The folder will be syncronised to the online server, which means you can reach the files from wherever you choose to access Dropbox, either online or in the application on your desktop or phone/tablet. Mind how easy it is to share folders however, as you don't want other people accessing the wrong files. A file in a shared folder is accessible for all the people with access to this folder, whilst folders that are not shared with others are available just for you. As mentioned earlier, the Dropbox application can be downloaded and installed on all of your devices, being your desktop, phone or tablet.

The installation process is as follows:

  1. Download the Dropbox desktop application either through Software Center, or through your browser at For the latter, login with your UiO-email registered for Dropbox use, maneuver to Settings in the top right corner, and choose Install, which will start the download process.
  2. When the download is finished and you proceed to the installation, the installer will ask you to login with an admin account. This is only necessary if you need the Smart Sync function to work, and you can simply choose "No" or "Continue" (depending on your OS) if you do not. The Smart Sync function simply makes sure that the files in your Dropbox folder never use too much of the physical storage capacity available on your computers hard drive. If you want Smart Sync to work, simply input your admin password.

Connect your UiO Dropbox to your personal Dropbox in the browser

  1. Open a web browser of your choice, and login to with your UiO email for Dropbox use, as well as your UiO password.
  2. Maneuver to Settings in the upper right corner and find the option to Connect your personal Dropbox. Then, choose Connect on the right hand side.

  3. a. If you already have a personal Dropbox, choose Sign In at the bottom of the newly opened dialogue. Sign in with your username and password to your personal Dropbox account.

    b. If you don't have a personal Dropbox from earlier, make sure that you input your personal email address, not your UiO email, and choose a proper password to use for your personal Dropbox account. Then choose Set up personal Dropbox, and a personal Dropbox will be created for you.

Connect your UiO Dropbox to your personal Dropbox in the desktop application

You can have a syncronised folder both for your personal Dropbox and your UiO Dropbox side by side on the very same computer. This is how to set that up:

  1. Set up the connection between your personal Dropbox and your UiO Dropbox in the browser version of Dropbox. How to do this is explained above.
  2. Make sure that the Dropbox desktop application is installed on your machine. How to do this is explained in the section Download and installation of Dropbox above.
  3. When the two steps above are both completed, go to in your preferred browser, and login to your personal account. This will prompt you to input a one time code, which should open in another browser window. Input the given code and proceed.
  4. Next, you'll be asked if you want your files to be syncronised locally. If you do, click Continue.
  5. Dropbox will then proceed to create two folders on your desktop, one Dropbox (Personal) which contains your personal Dropbox files, and another Dropbox (UiO) where your UiO files are. Lastly, if you already had a Dropbox folder on your desktop, this must probably be removed later.

Does anyone have access to my Dropbox?

  • The UiO Dropbox Administrator can not see if you have a Private Dropbox or its content.
  • The administrator of UiO Dropbox may access your UiO Dropbox if there is a strong suspicion of violation of Norwegian law or the UiO IT regulations.
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