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How to get G Suite at UiO

Who can get an account?

You must be an employee, a researcher or a student at UiO to get a G Suite for UiO account.

You can also get an account if you have a guest user associated with UiO for a shorter or longer period of time, as long as you have a UiO user.

How to create an acoount?

  1. Read through the terms and give your consent here.
  2. Consent to using the service. You must log on using your UiO username and password, select the Consent tab and consent to using G Suite for education. 
  3. Wait about 15 minutes.
  4. Log in to G Suite:
    • Go to the Google log on site and use <username> as your e-mail address.
    • You will then be redirected to Feide. Here you log on using your regular UiO username and password (make sure that Affiliation is University of Oslo).
    • Tip: If you are already logged on with your private Google account, you can log on to your UiO Google account by clicking your initials/icon in the top right corner and selecting Add account.
  5. The first time you log on to your UiO Google account you will be asked to accept certain terms and conditions. 

Why do I have to log in via Feide?

Because Feide is connected to your UiO-account, you don't need a separate password for the G Suite service.

By logging in via Feide, you utilize Single Sign On (SSO). This means that although you are logging on to multiple, independent services and websites, you are able to use the same account (UiO-account). This simplifies control by eliminating the need to have a separate account/credentials for each service.

Logging out

There is no automatic log out function when using the G Suite-service. You will stay logged in until you manually choose log out

To check which account you are logged in with and which Google account is active in your browser, go to To check which account is active, click on your icon (either a picture or your initials) on the top- right corner of the page.

Do you have an existing Google account on your UiO e-mail address?

If you are currently using your UiO primary e-mail for your private Google account, we recommend that you change the e-mail address to a private one (GMail etc.). This is because you need the primary UiO e-mail address for your new G Suite account. 

If your private Google account is an account you are using for work purposes, and have special accesses to Google that you wish to continue using, the solution is to change the e-mail address to <username> This will not collide with your primary e-mail address.

If you already have given your consent and you are afraid that your old Google account has been overwritten by G Suite, don't despair. The data is not lost. Your old account has been transfered to a temporary address.

Google's guide under Option 2: Require users to rename their account explains what will happen if you have already consented to G Suite at UiO , and if you already have a Google account associated with the same e-mail address (your UiO primary e-mail address).

Published Sep. 17, 2019 3:33 PM - Last modified Aug. 6, 2021 3:04 PM