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Terms of use for G Suite at UiO

What is G Suite at UiO?

  • G Suite at UiO is a free service which gives you access to several Google services, like Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Drive, in a personal area in Google's cloud service (G Suite)
  • If you have an account on G Suite for UiO, Google Drive will give you limitless storage space
  • Your G Suite account will also give you access to products from Google Cloud platform (planned Q1 2019) if your project needs it.


You must give consent to be able to use G Suite at UiO.

Give consent

Three important things:

1. We give your username and e-mail address to G Suite

Because G Suite is Google's service, and you are gaining access based on your UiO affiliation, we have to transfer some information about you to Google. The information that is being transfered is only your username and e-mail address, which is enough to enable you to register, log in and use the service. The information will only be used to give you access to G Suite at UiO and Google Cloud Platform (only if necessary for your project). The information shall not be sold, opened for others or used for commercial purposes, like sending you advertisements.

UiO has entered into a data processing agreement with Google, which means that Google's use and storage of your username has been considered and found to be safe.

2. You can not store information with a medium or strong need of protection on G Suite

The other thing you are consenting to, is that you will evaluate the data (documents, pictures etc) you choose to store on G Suite, according to UiO's guidelines about how to classify data and information. This means that you have to consider what you are storing in your Google Drive and what you should in stead store on a disk at UiO. You shall never store sensitive personal data in any of UiO's cloud services. Only green (open) or yellow (restricted) data can be stored on Google Drive. 

The information that falls in to the red (in confidence) or black (strictly in confidence) categories, can not be stored in a cloud service, but has to be stored at UiO, according to the guidelines. This is because the red and black information category contains data that is confidential, sensitive or has a special protection requirement.

3. Your account will be deleted when you longer work or study at UiO

Your use of G Suite at UiO is linked to the fact that you are a student or employee at UiO. If you quit, your account and the contents of it will be deleted after 20 days. Read more about what happens to your account when you quit here.

What do I have to consent to?

By checking the «I consent» box you are agreeing that your username and e-mail address will be disclosed to Google to enable you access to G Suite at UiO. You are also consenting to not storing sensitive personal data in this service, according to the UiO guidelines for classifying data and information. The last thing you are consenting to is that your UiO account in G Suite will be terminated when you are no longer affiliated with UiO.

Can I withdraw my consent?

Yes, you can. If you no longer wish for Google to store your UiO username and e-mail address, you can withdraw your consent. You can do this by following this link.

If you withdraw your G Suite consent all the information and files you have stored on G Suite will be deleted within 20 days after the withdrawal, unless you decide to consent again.This means that if you want to withdraw your consent we urge you to first move your files and documents elsewhere.

Any questions?

Do you have any questions about consents and safety in connection with G Suite at UiO? Send an e-mail to

Do you have any questions related to the G Suite services? Try the G Suite Learning Center.