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Microsoft Teams – chat, video meetings and collaboration for all at the UiO

What is Microsoft Teams?

MS Teams logoMicrosoft Teams is a part of MS 365 and gives you the opportunity to connect and work together in groups. You can:

  • chat, have video meetings, share desktops
  • share files
  • work with team files and coauthor documents
  • collaborate on shared deliverables
  • arrange meetings
  • easily invite external partners

Teams gives you the opportunity to tailor your group after their needs. Teams is free and available for everybody and ou can share your team with anybody – even people without an Office 365 account.

Note! Inactive Teams in MS365 are deleted after 180 days. Prior to the liquidation, owners of the Team will be notified by e-mail.

Using Teams

Teams can be used by staff, students and external partners (external partners can be invited either with an email address, or alternatively with their login information at their institution. For example

Log on to Teams

Log on with (not your complete UiO e-mail address)

What can I store in Teams?

UiO open Teams

Are you new to MS Teams, or do you want to share experiences and find new possibilities with others? Join UiO's open Teams room where we can share with eachother. Click on the button to open Teams.

UiO Tips and tricks for Teams

Help and Guides

We have collected some guides that show the most important functions in Teams for both Team owners and participants.

Teams user guide

Who do I contact?

Do you need help but are unsure who to contact?

See list of available contacts