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Microsoft Teams – chat, video meetings and collaboration for all at the UiO

Teams, as the hub for teamwork, is where people - including people outside your organization - can actively connect and collaborate in real time to get things done. 

What is Microsoft Teams?

MS Teams logoMicrosoft Teams gives you the opportunity to connect and work together in groups. Teams enables you to:

  • chat, have video meetings, share desktops
  • share files
  • work with team files and coauthor documents
  • collaborate on shared deliverables

Teams is free and available for everybody. You can share your team with anybody – even people without an Office 365 account.

Using Teams

Can be used by students, staff and members of faculty

Log on to Teams

Log on with (not your complete UiO e-mail address)

What can I store in Teams?

Set up a team

There are many ways to set up a team in Teams. Microsoft has their own guide, but here are a few tips about how to set up a team correctly at the UiO.

You can also get help at Microsoft's support center for MS Teams.

Getting the most out of Teams


Teams has its own chat function where you can contact other Teams users. The chat can be one-to-one or a group chat. You can also video chat, arrange meetings and send files through the chat.


Teams Planner makes it easier to plan work tasks and connect them with deadlines and people. Add Planner to your team to keep a good overview of which tasks are due.


Upload files in Teams or get them directly from your OneDrive account. When making a Teams room a Sharepoint area will automatically be created under the "Files" tab. You can also add other kinds of cloud storage (Dropbox and Google Drive).