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Storage hotel

The storage hotel is almost identical to shared volumes, but at a lower price and then with somewhat lower performance.


USIT wants the storage hotel to be a lower-price solution for storing large amounts of data. That is why we celebrate the usual requirements and guarantees of high bandwidth, uptime and availability, but of course keep the focus on data security.


  • UiO-internal: NOK 500,-
  • UiO-internal, from 10 TB and up: NOK 400,-

Getting started

The storage hotel is a payment service. Staff and members of faculty can order space for files at the storage hotel via local IT.

  • Contact your local IT staff for ordering and/or modification of storage at he hotel.

  • Local IT staff can use the ordering form to order new hotel storage or order changes to excisting storage.

  • You use the storage hotel the same way you use shared volumes,

What is legal to store?

Who do I contact?

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