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Sound and video recording at UiO

I want to record a lecture

At the University of Oslo (UiO) we have several options for recording lectures. From the standard solution, which is installed at many of the stationary computers in the auditoriums, to recording from your own laptop, advanced multi camera productions and live streaming.

I want to film an event or produce video

If you want to film an event, need help producing TV or a live stream (webcast) or record for e-learning, UiO has services and counceling available.

I need help with a projector or other equipment

Conference rooms and auditoriums have equipment that the lecturer or conference leader can use. Contact local IT if you need help with the equipment.

What is allowed and what preparations do I have to do?

If you are going to make a recording of a lecture or other events, you first have to read the rules and regulations for recording at UiO.

Current services

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