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Vortex – UiO Web Publishing

  • Easy editing and publishing of professional websites
  • A platform for collaboration and document sharing
  • Powerful search features
  • Templates for easy creation of project, person and event pages
  • Integrates Norwegian research and student systems

Help and User Guides

  • Changing the user interface language

    You can change the language used in Vortex, for example on the tabs and buttons you use when you edit a web page.

  • Editing a web page in Vortex

    Go to the page you wish to edit, and click the Log in link at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Uploading a file

    You can upload (transfer from your computer or a server) files to Vortex. Files to upload are typically images and PDFs to use on your web pages, but Vortex can hold all types of files.

  • Creating a new web page

    A step-by-step guide to how you create a new web page in Vortex and publish it on the web.

  • Changing a link

    If you want to change the target page of a link on one of your web pages, all you need to do is right-click the link on the page (in Edit mode) and select Edit link from the menu.

Contact us

Find out where to direct requests for help with Vortex.