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Vortex – UiO Web Publishing (CMS)

What is Vortex

  • Easy editing and publishing of professional websites
  • A platform for collaboration and document sharing
  • Powerful search features
  • Templates for easy creation of project, person and event pages
  • Integrates Norwegian research and student systems

Getting started

Students, staff and members of faculty can use Vortex according to granted privileges. Vortex can also be ordered by other institutions in the Education sector.

What is legal to store?

Help and User Guides

  • Changing the user interface language

    You can change the language used in Vortex, for example on the tabs and buttons you use when you edit a web page.

  • Editing a web page in Vortex

    Go to the page you wish to edit, and click the Log in link at the bottom right of the screen.

  • Uploading a file

    You can upload (transfer from your computer or a server) files to Vortex. Files to upload are typically images and PDFs to use on your web pages, but Vortex can hold all types of files.

  • Creating a new web page

    A step-by-step guide to how you create a new web page in Vortex and publish it on the web.

  • Changing a link

    If you want to change the target page of a link on one of your web pages, all you need to do is right-click the link on the page (in Edit mode) and select Edit link from the menu.

  • Changing the order of items in a menu

    Menu items are listed alphabetically, but individual items can be be weighted to appear in a different order.

Who do I contact?

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