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Academic calendar

The academic year at the University of Oslo is divided into two semesters: Autumn and Spring.

Semester duration

  • Autumn semester: from the middle of August to the middle of December.
  • Spring semester: from early January to the middle of June.

Formal dates:

  • Autumn 2021: start 16 August
  • Spring 2021: 4 January–18 June
  • Autumn 2020: 10 August–18 December
  • Spring 2020: 2 January–19 June (originally 12 June)
  • Autumn 2019: 12 August–20 December
  • Spring 2019: 2 January–14 June
  • Autumn 2018: 13 August–21 December
  • Spring 2018: 2 January–15 June
  • Autumn 2017: 14 August–22 December
  • Spring 2017: 2 January–15 June
  • The study programmes Medicine, Dentistry, Clinical Nutrition and Psychology have other semester dates.


  • Summer vacation: from the middle of June to the middle of August.
  • Christmas vacation: from the middle of December to early January.
  • Easter vacation from the Monday after Palm Sunday until the Tuesday after Easter Sunday.

Exact start and end of studies

The exact dates for the start and end of each semester may vary between the different study programmes and courses. The course descriptions will give you detailed information about each course, when it is taught, time and place of the exam(s) etc. The list is updated for the coming semester in late November/middle of May.

Please see list of courses offered in English


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