Norwegian Level I

In the tables below you will find previous exam papers and related listening tests, and other available resources for the courses: NORA0110 - Elementary Norwegian, level I and ISSN0110 - Intensive Elementary Norwegian, level I.

Previous exams

Year Exam Listening test
2014 ISSN0110 (pdf) "Pablo"
2013 ISSN0110 (pdf) "Maria"
2012 ISS0110/NORA0110 (pdf) "Daniel"
2011 ISS0110/NORA0110 (pdf) "Erik"
2010 ISS0110/NORA0110 (pdf) "Pablo"
2009 ISS0110/NORA0110 (pdf) "Anne fra Australia"
2008 ISS0110/NORA0110 (pdf) "Marie"


Other resources

Year Type Title Keywords Link
  Webpage Tekstlab UiO Grammar exercises Go to webpage
  Webpage Norsk på 1-2-3 Level I, extra exercises Go to webpage
  Webpage Learn Now Online Norwegian classes Go to webpage
  Webpage Bildetema Visual learning application Go to webpage
  Webpage Duolingo Online Norwegian classes Go to webpage
2007 Listening test Sara og familien hennes   Listen
2006 Listening test Rolf   Listen


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