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Diplomas and degrees

Diploma for completed study programmes

When you have completed a study programme, your diploma is issued automatically. If you achieve a degree, you will also receive an English-language diploma supplement.

Freely-combined bachelor's degrees

If you meet the requirements for a freely-combined bachelor's degree, you must order your diploma yourself. You must order your diploma from the faculty where you took the specialization of your bachelor's degree.


You can share your results digitally from the Diploma registry or order a digital transcript in Studentweb.

Diploma supplement for older degrees

If you received a diploma before UiO began enclosing diploma supplements, you can order one separately.

Diploma authentication

If employers or others doubt the authenticity of a UiO diploma, they can ask to have the diploma authenticated.

Lost diploma

If your diploma has been permanently lost, you can apply to have a new diploma issued.