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Assessment guidelines

UiO has introduced assessment guidelines for all examinations, both written, oral and practical, from the Autumn semester 2018. The assessment guidelines are normally made available after the examination.

What is the purpose of assessment guidelines?

The assessment guidelines provide information about the principles which are used when grading the answer papers. It is primarily meant for the examiners, but will also be useful for the examination candidates.

The assessment guidelines should contribute to:

  • more coherence between programme, course, examination question papers and grading.
  • quality assurance of the grading and the level of grading between different examiners.
  • information to the examination candidates about the grading and the assessment criteria.

How are the assessment guidelines designed?

Assessment guidelines are adapted to each examination and may be designed accordingly:

  • General assessment guidelines - for instance for master's theses and larger semester assignments.
  • Specific assessment guidelines ("blueprints") - for instance for examinations with specific answer alternatives.
  • Combinations of general and specific assessment guidelines - for instance for text assignments and long answer assignments.

The assessment guidelines should be read in combination with the desciption of each grade in the grading scale. There are both general descriptions which are common for all and subject specific descriptions for different subject areas.

When will the assessment guidelines be available?

Assessment guidelines are available at the latest when the ordinary grading is completed.

Where do you find the assessment guidelines?

The assessment guidelines are available together with previous examination question papers on the course page, or from your department.


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