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Description of criteria for pass/fail

Grade/level Description

The assignment demonstrates that the candidate has a broad knowledge in the whole curriculum, and good knowledge of the most central areas. The use of terminology is satisfactory and the assignment is clear and precise. The candidate also demonstrates good professional judgment and independence. If the assignment includes laboratory work, field work and similar tasks the candidate must also demonstrate sufficient technical skills to carry out such tasks in an independent and safe manner.


The requirement of a broad knowledge of the curriculum means that there should not be large gaps in knowledge within the curriculum. Missing or unsatisfactory responses in certain areas cannot be compensated by very good responses in others. However, areas may be weighed differently according to importance in the curriculum.


The assignment demonstrates that the candidate has insufficient knowledge in key areas of the curriculum, or significant knowledge gaps in the more peripheral areas. The candidate cannot demonstrate sufficient knowledge, methodological skills or competence to apply the achieved learning outcome of the curriculum in an independent manner.


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