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Access to a submitted exam

You can find the exam text and your submitted exam in Inspera under Archive.

Log in to Inspera

When will your exam be available?

The times when exams are made available can vary.

Normally, you can access your submitted exam immediately after the exam is over. In some cases, however, the exam will not be available until after the examination results are published.

In some situations your submission will not become available (for example if the exam includes a multiple choice test that will be reused).

Notice that access to Inspera requires an active student status. If you want to have access to your submission after you have completed your studies, you must download it and save it outside the system.

Where do I find the explanation of grade?

If there is an explanantion of grade, you will find it the same place as your submitted exam.


Contact the information centre at your faculty if you have any questions.