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Familiarize yourself with Inspera

Exactly how your exam will look depends on the type of examination and which functions are chosen.

Example of how it might look

(1) Status

On the left of the top menu you will find your candidate number and connection status. If the connection status changes, the background colour of the top menu will change.

You can see the remaining time of the examination. If you have received additional time, this will be added to the countdown.

Your submission is automatically saved every 15 seconds.

(2) Read messages

By clicking the bell icon on the right of the top menu, you can see any messages you have received.

(3) Options menu

The following options are available by clicking the options icon on the right of the top menu:

  • Go to submission page: you can see an overview of which questions are answered, and may submit your answer.
  • Language: choose Norwegian Bokmål, Norwegian Nynorsk or English.
  • Text size: choose small, medium or extra large.
  • Withdraw: if you have started answering a home examination and wish to withdraw, click here. If it is a school exam, please contact an invigilator if you would like to withdraw from the written examination.

(4) PDF-document

In questions with PDF-documents, you can zoom in and out with + and -. You can resize the PDF by clikcing the dots in the margin and pulling.

In exams with an enclosed text document (not pdf) you can highlight parts of the text in yellow (if the function is activated):

To highlight parts of the text in yellow, select the text and click the highlight icon that pops up.

(5) Text editor

By hovering the mouse over the different icons in the text tool, you will see a label describing each icon.

Paragraph format: Normal, Heading 1, Heading 2 etc.
Bold, italic, underline, subscript/superscript, remove format
Copy, paste, undo and redo

Temporary backup snapshots: Here you can click to see temporary stored backup snapshots (stored every 15 min.)

Insert/remove a numbered or bulleted list
Insert special character, table and drawing tool (if activated)

Spell checker (if activated): the whole text can be checked. You have the following options: "Change to", "Change all", "Ignore word", "Ignore all" and "Done".

Spell check as you type (if activated): Red lines under words not recognized by the spell checker. Right clik a word for suggested spelling. Choose "Turn off SCAYT" to deactivate this feature. 

Choose "Spell check" to check text as usual in the spell checker (see above).

Expand: Editor in full screen mode

(6) Flag questions

This is available if flagging is enabled on the examination. Mark questions that need extra attention. A list of all flagged questions is available from the table of contents (if activated) and the submission page.

(7) Word count and points

The number of words you have written and the number of points for this question (if stated).

(8) Sketches

See separate guide: Options for hand drawings

(9) Navigation field

Table of contents (if enabled) on the far left. The task that is open is highlighted in blue. Delivery page on the far right. Arrows to navigate to the "previous" or "next" page.

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