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Silurveien 2

Silurveien 2 is situated at Ullern and is the location for most examinations at UiO.

Find us

The easiest way to get to Silurveien is by metro line 3 to Åsjordet station.

Infection control measures

Here you will find important information about infection control routines and measures for exams in the autumn of 2021.

Find the right entrance to the examination rooms

Use the entrances at the back of the building only! 

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UiO has exam rooms on the 3rd floor buildings B, C and D and on the 4th floor buildings C and D. Check Studentweb to see which hall you are sitting in before you come to the exam. When you get to Silurveien 2, you can follow the signs to the correct entrance.

Special examination arrangements?

Students who have been granted single rooms or smaller examination rooms will be using room 4C. If you are taking your exams in room 4C, use the entrance between C / D.

Have you lost or forgotten something in Silurveien?

To check if your valuables or other lost items (e.g., clothes, umbrellas, books, etc.) have been found, contact The Security Operation center.