Progress report

In order to renew your student residence permit you need to order a progress report. 

Due to the Covid-19 situation, the procedure for renewing your residence permit has been changed. Please see here for futher information.  

The progress report is a statement on your:

  • study progression
  • part-time work permit

Order a progress report

Please note that the part-time work permit is not automatically renewed, and you must document satisfactory progress in your studies to continue to work part-time.

More information about renewal of residence permit.

When will the progress report be ready

  • June/July if your permit expires in August
  • January if your permit expires in February

How to receive the progress report

The progress report will be issued when all exams for the semester is registered in our database. You will receive an e-mail when the report is ready, and it will be sent to your UiO e-mail address.

Delayed in your studies?

If you are delayed you must contact your faculty / programme to apply for an extension of your study right.

The report cannot be issued without an extended study right.

Delayed in your studies due to the coronavirus outbreak

If you are delayed in your studies due to the coronavirus outbreak, The UDI will take this into account when they process the renewal application.  You must be able to document the reason for delay, such as illness, problems with data collection, or other unforeseen circumstances.  

Contact us

Knutepunktet - International Student Reception

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