Thesis projects

Below, we provide an overview of ongoing and finished master's projects. 

Graduates spring 2020:

Ymkje Elisabeth HaverkampInvestigating the underlying item characteristics in NIFU’s 1+1 tests for elementary mathematics. Supervised by Prof. Dr. Johan Braeken (CEMO) and Stephan Daus (NIFU)

Nasseem HessamiModel Selection using a Stepwise Bayesian Information Approach in
Multiple Group Models with Binary Data.
Supervised by Dr. Björn Andersson (CEMO).

Oscar Skovdahl JørstadThe older the better? Relative age and grade effects on Norwegian national test performance. Supervised by Prof. Dr. Rolf Vegar Olsen (CEMO) and Doctoral Research Fellow Henrik Galligani Ræder (CEMO).

Kseniia MarcqAccounting for Bandwidth Selection Variability in Estimating the Standard Errors of Kernel Equating. Supervised by Dr. Björn Andersson (CEMO).

Dan UeharaClassification Accuracy of Equated Item Response Theory (IRT) Scores and Sum Scores. Supervised by Dr. Björn Andersson (CEMO).

Ga Young YoonItem Performance in Context: Differential Item Functioning Between Pilot and Formal Administration of the Norwegian Language Test. Supervised by Dr. Chia-Wen Chen (CEMO) and Tor Midtbø (Kompetanse Norge).

Weichao ZhaoIdentification and Validation of Disengagement Measures based on Response Time: an Application to PISA 2012 Digital Math Items. Supervised by Dr. Denise Reis Costa (CEMO), Dr. Hanna Eklöf (Umeå University, Sweden) and Dr. Maria Bolsinova (ACTNext, ACT Inc., USA)


Ongoing projects - to be submitted in May 2021:

(to be updated)


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