Why choose this programme?

Are you curious about how children and youth experience and shape social change? Or do you want to learn more about higher education policy and student learning? Our international Master’s programme offers two specialisation options, both embedded in ´The Nordic Education Model´.

students walking, outside, buildings in the background

Photo: Shane Colvin/UiO

Our international Master’s programme offers you a unique opportunity to acquire advanced academic skills, competences and knowledge in two areas of specialisation:

The University of Oslo hosts one of Europe’s leading Faculties of Educational Sciences, and is the only university in the world that offers an international, research-oriented Master’s programme that combines these two specialisation areas. Another unique feature is that the programme starts with a joint course that introduces all registered students to the specific features of Norwegian education in its Nordic context, after which you continue with the specialisation that you have selected.

Both programme options consist of compulsory courses, which provide you with the theoretical and methodological basis for writing your master’s thesis in your area of specialisation. The programme provides a highly interactive and supportive learning environment, where the academic staff and students work closely together in various learning environments.

There is no tuition fee for this specialisation, except for a small semester fee every semester.

Career opportunities

The career options for the programme’s graduates are plentiful, within and outside education sectors, national as well as international. These include careers in academia, in the private sector, such as consultancy firms, as well as in the public sector, including national ministries and international organisations.

As a graduate, you are eligible to apply to PhD-programmes in Norway and elsewhere.

Study environment  

UiO offers a wide range of student societies, which all UiO-students may join.

If you have an interest in writing, you can write for Pedagogisk Profil, a student-driven journal published by the Faculty of Educational Sciences. You can also contribute to the study environment by joining Kjellerutvalget – the organisation responsible for the Faculty's student pub.

Published Mar. 4, 2021 3:49 PM - Last modified Nov. 30, 2021 9:23 AM