Teaching and examinations

Teaching and learning methods

The teaching methods have a lot of variety. During lectures, central parts of the syllabus will be reviewed and illustrated by chosen examples. In group lessons and working on your semester assignments/field reports, you will gain experience with practical exercises. Compulsory assignments and oral presentations give you training in expressing yourself using academic language, both orally and in written form.

Excursions are a very important teaching method in geoscience, and many of the courses therefore include a compulsory excursion. By doing observations in the field, you will form good scientific conceptions, and learn in a different way than you do by reading.


Mostly at the Department of Geosciences, University of Oslo (map)

Excursions and field trips

As a student at the Department of Geosciences, you get the opportunity to participate in excursions and field trips. The excursions can last for one day or up to two weeks, depending on the courses you take. Most of the excursions and field trips are mandatory.

General information about participation in excursions and field trips.

Forms of examination and assessment

Language of examination


Grading scale

The programme consists of both courses using a pass/fail scale and courses using a grading scale with five steps from A to E for pass and F for fail, cf. § 6.1 i Forskrift om studier og eksamener ved Universitetet i Oslo (Norwegian only).

Each course description provides more information about the grading scale in use.

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