Davide from Italy

Davide was attracted by the variety of courses and specialisations offered by the Human Geography programme. The flexibility allowed him to follow his personal academic interests.

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Photo: Georgina Berry / PRIO

Why did you study human geography?

I decided to continue to study human geography because of my personal interest in the subject: one of the best aspects of the subject is that it is so broad you can basically tap into any aspects of everyday life and really focus on the research you are most passionate about. What I also really like about human geography is how close it is to society and people: observing, analysing and understanding people's thoughts, opinions and behaviours from such a short distance is probably one of the most fascinating features of human geography. 


Why did you apply for this particular MA programme?

I applied for the MA Human Geography at the University of Oslo because it offered a good variety of courses and specialisation paths: the level of academic expertise spans over many interesting areas of study. As I wanted to focus my studies on migration, the flexibility of this Master's programme gave me the chance to fit my academic interest with the courses on offer. Throughout my studies at UiO, I received great support: the supervision was productive and I had an open and honest dialogue with the academic staff.


What is the best thing about being an international master's student at the University of Oslo?

There are many positive aspects of being an international MA student at the University of Oslo. Generally, the entire system was really supportive from the beginning, including very practical aspects like housing and the processing of documents required to settle in Norway, making the transition to a new country quite smooth. Being able to complete my studies in English, while having the possibility to learn and practice Norwegian alongside my MA, was also incredibly useful for my working life after graduation. Free Norwegian courses for international students are some of the best things UiO offers. In addition, living in Oslo is great: the city is vibrant and there are always many social and cultural activities to choose from.

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Published May 14, 2020 8:35 AM - Last modified May 14, 2020 8:35 AM