Career prospects

The Health Sector needs people educated within the field of International Community Health to meet the challenges of global diseases and to target and reach the Millennium Development Goals. We aim to prepare students to participate in community-based health promotion and disease prevention research.

Our masters students learn to work independently, developing their own research projects (often in cooperation with their supervisors), and collecting field data either in their home country or a foreign country. They learn how to analyze their data, quantitative or qualitative, and to finalize - leading to their masters thesis. They also learn how to work in a team, both during the lectures, in class, and fieldwork.

Job prospects in Norway and abroad

The programme prepares students for positions in a variety of settings, including hospitals and health centres, international organizations, consultancy firms, advisory boards and health authorities at municipal, regional and national levels, as well as within government institutions.

  • PhD-candidate - developing their skills further as a researcher.
  • Executive Officer
  • Teacher
  • Counseller
  • Health Administration Officer
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