Why choose this programme?

The programme prepares you to participate in community-based health promotion and disease prevention research with a focus mainly on middle and low-income societies. You are encouraged to use research findings to improve the quality and effectiveness of community health action.

International classroom

One of the main strengths of the programme is the international classroom where students from all over the world can learn from each other and share their knowledge, perspectives and experience. The programme also includes fieldwork in Norway or abroad.

Interactive teaching

The teaching methods are interactive and involve a high degree of active participation from the students. The program encourages students to form study groups to discuss reading and topics.

Teaching methods ranges from a traditional lecture format to seminar, workshops, group work, group presentation and problem-based learning (PBL). We seek to capitalise on the extensive and varied professional experience of the students.

Research projects and fieldwork

Students learn to work independently while developing their own research projects, collecting and analyzing their field data, and finally writing their theses. Support for preparation for this research component is provided through courses that cover quantitative and qualitative research methods, assesing relevant literature, project planning, research ethics, and academic writing.

Multidisciplinary education

The master's degree program is multidisciplinary, multicultural, and multi-professional, creating the broadest possible learning environment.

Lectures are in different research fields such as:

Career prospects

The Health Sector needs people educated within the field of International Community Health to meet the challenges of global diseases and to target and reach the Millennium Development Goals. We aim to prepare students to participate in community-based health promotion and disease prevention research. Read about job prospects in Norway and abroad. Read about job prospects in Norway and abroad.

Study health in Oslo?

Read more about being a health student in Oslo

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