Increased opportunities in IT

During the pandemic, Andrea decided to leave Belgium and return to Oslo, where she felt at home. She now works as a Data Protection Officer and is thrilled about working in this rapidly developing sector. There are lots of opportunities to learn and grow.

Portrait of Andrea

Andrea's education from UiO opened doors to exciting work-opportunities (photo: private)

After finishing her LLM degree at UiO, Andrea was offered a position of policy assistant-lawyer in the Cloud & Software unit in the European Commission in Brussels, where she worked for 2 and half years.

– My job was exciting from the outset. Right after joining the team I was tasked to contribute to drafting several EU legislative proposals and policies related to data, cloud computing and software. I was lucky enough to experience legislative trialogues between the European Parliament, the Council and European Commission, which is a precious experience I would recommend to every lawyer interested in EU law and the surrounding process of its adoption, she says.

Apart from legislative work, Andrea was also helping the EU Member States with practical implementation of one of the EU regulations, she was providing practical legal advice to her team on various legal aspects of cloud computing, data protection and security and she got to participate in multiple projects that introduced her to the big and exciting world of data and technology. 

Heart in Oslo

While her work in Brussels was very fulfilling, she left her heart in Norway during her LLM studies.

– Therefore, in the middle of covid pandemic, I made the decision to leave Belgium and return to Oslo, where I am currently working as Data Protection Officer in a local tech company. It is an equally exciting job where I get to pursue my passion for personal data protection law (acquired thanks to the LLM studies) full time, she tells.  

In this position she looks at the technology through individual user’s optic and she has a say on how their privacy interests should be factored when developing and delivering online products and services.

– It is an exciting position which I recommend to every data protection geek, says Andrea.

– How did you get the job?

– I always say that I got my job in the European Commission because and thanks to the LLM program. I was approached by my boss saying that from his previous experience, the Norwegian universities have a great reputation and that the UiO offers quality candidates, while my education background in ICT law ticked all the remaining boxes for the job, Andrea says.

– Do you get to use your knowledge from the master program in your job?

– Yes, I get to use my education on an everyday basis. From the very start in the European Commission I had to navigate myself through the labyrinth of EU digital legislation, which was quite easy thanks to the focus of LLM courses and the ample background offered in telecommunication law, cybersecurity, data protection and IP law. While I did not know much about the personal data protection before I set my foot at UiO, my daily work now revolves around it, she says.

Law in modern society 

Before Andrea started the ICT LLM program, she only had a vague idea of what ICT law actually was. Then, the LLM program completely changed her understanding on the role of law in modern society.

– The program also changed the direction of my professional career and before I knew it, I found myself working on the crossroads of law and technology, while being genuinely interested in both topics, says Andrea.

She also learned that lawyers can be fun.

– We were an amazing group of classmates from various countries and with various backgrounds, with unifying love for local karaoke bars in Oslo, she says.

Increased IT opportunities

On the question of whether Andrea’s got tips for students that wishes to work in her field, she says that the IT sector needs people like you more than ever and that the number of career opportunities is only increasing.

– If you let that sparkle of interest in technology and law turn into a passion, you will be able to set your foot in any door, she says.

As when it comes to her own plans, dreams and wishes for her own career path, Andrea is certain that Data protection will stay her career focus for a while.

– It is a fascinating and rapidly developing sector with a lot of opportunities to learn and grow. While I would like to deepen my understanding of cybersecurity that goes hand in hand with data protection, I hope to pursue further education or certification in this area, Andrea says.

Name: Andrea Sedláková

Age: 31 years

Finished studies: May 2018

Study Program: Information and Communication Tech Law

Workplace and position: Tidal, Data Protection Officer

Published Jan. 31, 2022 11:26 AM - Last modified Jan. 31, 2022 11:34 AM