Career opportunities

With a master's degree in Informatics: robotics and intelligent systems you have opportunities to work with:

  • software and hardware development, both for embedded systems (some examples)
  • artificial intelligence and machine learning for robots and autonomous systems, and in other software systems
  • medical technology

You may want to work: 

  • in consulting firms
  • in startup companies
  • in technology companies that develop major hardware and software products 
  • at a university, research institutions and hospitals

Through the work of writing a master's thesis in informatics, you learn to work independently and to organize and plan your own work within specific deadlines. You learn to apply theoretical and practical knowledge that you have acquired through your study program in your own original work, a master's thesis.

During the master's studies you will also learn to write and work with scientific material - you learn to collaborate with others on research questions and communicate on academic issues, analyzes and conclusions in the field of informatics. You will be able to convey your own work and to acquire and relate to the feedback you receive.

The master's degree in Informatics: robotics and intelligent systems also provides further foundation for research education (PhD) in the field of Informatics.

From studies to employment

The Career Services can provide:

  • Career counseling
  • Help with your CV, cover letter and preparations for the job interview

The Career Services at UiO

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