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Start of studies - Robotics and intelligent systems

Welcome as a master's student in Robotics and intelligent systems!

We look forward to welcoming you to the orientation meeting on Wednesday August 12th. The deadline for course registration is already the day after, Thursday August 13th. The lectures start from Monday August 17th.

Selecting courses autumn 2020

At least half of the credits you take as courses during your Master's (for example 30 ECTS for a long thesis, or 45 ECTS for a short thesis) must be among the recommended courses within your field of study. The study plan for the Master thesis is prepared in consultation with the supervisor in October / November, but it is a good idea to choose courses that can be included in the plan already now.

Below you will find links to mandatory and recommended courses within the fields of study:

Cybernetics and autonomous systems

Robotics and intelligent systems

Master thesis

Choosing a master's thesis and getting a supervisor assigned to you normally takes place in October. This is done in consultation with the research group connected to your field of study.


Programme manager

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Study Administration
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Research groups

Cybernetics and autonomous systems is connected to the Section for Autonomous systems and sensor technologies at the Department of Technology Systems.

Robotics and Intelligent systems is connected to the research group for Robotics and Intelligent Systems at the Department of Informatics.

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