Applicants for the master's programme in Music, Technology and Communication must submit a letter of motivation and a digital portfolio. These documents could come in many varieties, but here are some hints in case you are unsure about what we are looking for.

The digital portfolio should show your competence in both music and technology.


Could be documented by a selected number (1-5) of music examples.

  • If you include examples that were made by multiple people you need to explain your contribution (whether you made the composition, performed, produced, etc.).
  • Please also indicate briefly what instruments/software/tools you use in the examples.

Note that we will also consider other types of musical experience, such as music theory, musicology, cognition, acoustics, sound design, signal processing, and more. We are open to different kinds of documentation that may show your skills and competences.


Your technology experience could be documented with a selected number (1-5) of examples:

  • files with small or large pieces of programming code that you have written.
  • pictures / videos / text / screenshots that in some way could help us see your technological background.

It helps if you also include a short description of the examples you provide, including a description of your own contribution (for collaborative projects).

Motivation letter

A good way of showing that you are motivated for MCT is if you can show us that you understand what this master's programme is about, and explain why this fits with your background and your future career plans.

A final note

You may have a preference for which city to stay in, but it may be more important for you to get admitted than to stay in your preferred city. In this case you should apply to both NTNU Trondheim and University of Oslo in the application portal, ranking your preferred study location first. If you only apply to one of the universities, you will not be considered for the other.

Published June 23, 2019 10:14 PM - Last modified June 23, 2019 10:24 PM