Learning outcomes


The candidate

  • has advanced general knowledge of archaeology and history, Old Norse and Irish philology, and in-depth knowledge of the candidate’s particular area of study, e.g.
    • Old Norse philology
    • or Irish philology
    • or archaeology or/and history combined with Old Norse philology
    • or history or/and archaeology combined with Irish philology
    • or Old Norse philology combined with Irish philology
    • or Old Norse philology and Irish philology combined with archaeology or/and history
    • or history combined with archaeology
  • demonstrates an advanced general understanding of the relationship between the various disciplines the candidate has focused on
  • demonstrates an advanced understanding of research methodology and research design appropriate to the nature of the candidate’s studies


The candidate

  • is familiar with the methodologies of the disciplines in question and is able to apply the methodology of the candidate’s main discipline(s).
  • can identify and apply relevant theoretical framework of the discipline(s) the candidate has focused on.
  • can carry out, under supervision, an independent research project on a topic of Viking or Medieval Studies in accordance with applicable norms for research ethics.

General competence

The candidate

  • can conduct argumentative, source-critical and problem-oriented research on the candidate’s particular area of study.
  • is acquainted with various theoretical and methodological research approaches and knows how to apply the acquired theoretical knowledge to the candidate’s area of study.
  • has acquired an extensive ability to write good scholarly prose and to structure various forms of written academic texts in humanities.
  • can communicate academic issues, in English, to both specialists and the general public.
  • understands the careers, professions, and/or future academic opportunities available to him/her upon completion of the candidate’s studies.


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